package org.xwiki.contrib.extensiontweak;

import org.xwiki.job.Job; import org.xwiki.job.event.status.*; import org.slf4j.Logger; import org.xwiki.model.script.ModelScriptService; import org.xwiki.model.reference.DocumentReference; import org.xwiki.extension.InstalledExtension; import org.xwiki.extension.distribution.internal.DistributionManager; import org.xwiki.extension.distribution.internal.job.WikiDistributionJob; import org.xwiki.extension.distribution.internal.job.DistributionJobStatus; import org.xwiki.extension.distribution.internal.job.step.DefaultUIDistributionStep; import org.xwiki.extension.distribution.internal.job.step.DistributionStep; import org.xwiki.extension.distribution.internal.job.step.ReportDistributionStep; import org.xwiki.extension.job.InstallRequest; import org.xwiki.extension.script.ExtensionManagerScriptService; import org.xwiki.extension.xar.question.ConflictQuestion; import org.xwiki.extension.xar.question.ConflictQuestion.GlobalAction; import org.xwiki.extension.xar.question.CleanPagesQuestion; class EMInstallService { Logger logger; ModelScriptService modelScriptService; ExtensionManagerScriptService extensionManager; DistributionManager distributionManager; public void initialize(def services) { this.extensionManager = services.extension; this.logger = services.logging.getLogger(EMInstallService.getName()); this.distributionManager = services.component.componentManager.getInstance(DistributionManager.class); this.modelScriptService = services.model; } /** * Installs the passed extensions on the passed wiki. This function starts the install of the extensions and returns * when all extensions are done being installed. * In order to get the progress, you should read the job statuses of the extensions you request for installation. * * @param wikiname The name of the wiki to install the extensions * @param extensions A map of extensions to install in the wiki, where the keys are the ids of the extensions to be * used as keys in the status map, and the values are maps with extensionId and extensionVersion * values. */ public void installExtensions(String wikiname, Map<String, Map> extensions) { if (this.extensionManager == null) { throw new RuntimeException('API not initialized'); } if (wikiname == null || wikiname.length() == 0) { logger.error('No target wiki defined'); return; } logSetupStep(wikiname, 'extensions', 'INPROGRESS'); extensions.each({ key, value -> this.installExtension(wikiname, key, value) }); logSetupStep(wikiname, 'extensions', 'FINISHED'); } /** Install passed extension on the passed wiki. This function returns when the extension is done being installed. */ private boolean installExtension(String wikiname, String extensionName, Map extensionDetails) { // start progress logSetupStep(wikiname, extensionName, 'INPROGRESS'); try { // get the information about how to install the extension String extensionId = (String) extensionDetails.get('extensionId'); String extensionVersion = (String) extensionDetails.get('extensionVersion'); // what decisions to make for the pages Map pagesDecisionsConfigged = (Map) extensionDetails.get('pagesDecisions'); // the default decision for a page, if not found in the list String defaultConfiggedDecision = (String) extensionDetails.get('defaultDecision'); // the spaces to keep from being deleted on pages cleanup step List spacesToKeep = (List) extensionDetails.get('spacesToKeep'); // the pages to keep from being deleted on pages cleanup step. def wikiRef = modelScriptService.createWikiReference(wikiname); List pagesToKeep = ((List)extensionDetails.get('pagesToKeep')).collect({modelScriptService.resolveDocument(it, wikiRef)}); // the default delete decision: can be DELETE or DEFAULT, to allow forcing the deletion of pages instead of using the default proposed by EM String defaultDeleteDecision = (String) extensionDetails.get('defaultDeleteDecision'); // get the setting of whether the install should be done with the current user or with the user from the package. // By default install with user from the package Boolean installWithCurrentUser = (Boolean) extensionDetails.get('installWithCurrentUser'); if (installWithCurrentUser == null) { installWithCurrentUser = false; } // prepare the default decision from the info we got // by default is next GlobalAction defaultDecision = ConflictQuestion.GlobalAction.NEXT; // if anything was passed, use what we got if (defaultConfiggedDecision != null && defaultConfiggedDecision.length() > 0) { GlobalAction defaultConfiggedDecisionParsed = GlobalAction.valueOf(defaultConfiggedDecision); if (defaultConfiggedDecisionParsed != null) { defaultDecision = defaultConfiggedDecisionParsed; } } // prepare the list of decisions with GlobalActions Map<String, GlobalAction> pagesDecisions = new HashMap<String, ConflictQuestion.GlobalAction>(); if (pagesDecisionsConfigged != null) { pagesDecisionsConfigged.each({ key, value -> GlobalAction parsedDecision = GlobalAction.valueOf(value); if (parsedDecision != null) { pagesDecisions.put(key, parsedDecision); } }); } String extensionNamespace = "wiki:${wikiname}";'Installing [{}] version [{}] on namespace [{}] with following parameters: \nPages decisions: [{}]\nDefault page decision: [{}]\nSpaces to keep: [{}]\nDefault delete decision: [{}]', extensionId, extensionVersion, extensionNamespace, pagesDecisions, defaultDecision, spacesToKeep, defaultDeleteDecision); // prepare the install request InstallRequest installRequest = this.extensionManager.createInstallRequest(extensionId, extensionVersion, extensionNamespace); // if not otherwise specified, preserve the author of the documents in the extension if (!installWithCurrentUser) { installRequest.removeProperty('user.reference'); } // start the install Job installJob = this.extensionManager.install(installRequest); JobStatus installJobStatus = installJob.getStatus(); // sleep loop to wake up and check if there are questions from time to time, to answer them with the default answer while (installJobStatus.getState() != JobStatus.State.FINISHED) { // sleep 1 second sleep(1000); // if the state is waiting, answer the question and continue if (installJobStatus.getState() == JobStatus.State.WAITING) { Object question = installJobStatus.getQuestion();'Extension [{}] on namespace [{}] has stopped in state Waiting with question [{}]', extensionId, extensionNamespace, question.class.getName() ); // If it's a conflict question, answer it according to the decisions if( question instanceof ConflictQuestion) { // handle the question according to decisions & all this.handleConflictQuestion((ConflictQuestion)question, pagesDecisions, defaultDecision, "Extension [${extensionId}] on namespace [${extensionNamespace}]"); } else if (question instanceof CleanPagesQuestion) { // handle the delete question according to the configs this.handleCleanPagesQuestion((CleanPagesQuestion)question, spacesToKeep, pagesToKeep, defaultDeleteDecision, "Extension [${extensionId}] on namespace [${extensionNamespace}]"); } // and continue running the job installJobStatus.answered(); } } // we're done waiting for the job to execute, now check if the extension is really installed InstalledExtension installedExtension = this.extensionManager.getInstalledExtension(extensionId, extensionNamespace); // check that extension is installed and that it's the version we ordered and announce installed if (installedExtension != null && installedExtension.getId().getVersion().getValue().equals(extensionVersion)) {'Install job finished, installed extension [{}]', installedExtension); logSetupStep(wikiname, extensionName, 'FINISHED'); return true; } else { // the extension was not found as installed, report error logger.error('Install job finished but extension is not installed: [{}] on wiki [{}] installed extension object: [{}]', extensionName, wikiname, installedExtension); logSetupStep(wikiname, extensionName, 'ERROR'); return false; } // while the job status is not finished, sleep and whenever I find the job status in waiting state, push it with keeping the new page } catch (Exception e) { logger.error('Caught exception while installing extension [{}] on wiki [{}]: ', extensionName, wikiname, e.getMessage()); e.printStackTrace(); // if the install was not successful, put an error logSetupStep(wikiname, extensionName, 'ERROR'); } return false; } /** * Handles a conflict question during installation, according to the pages decisions. * * @param pagesDecisions * @param defaultDecision * @param conflictQuestion * @param logPrefix */ private void handleConflictQuestion(ConflictQuestion conflictQuestion, Map<String, GlobalAction> pagesDecisions, GlobalAction defaultDecision, String logPrefix) { String conflictDocLocalName = conflictQuestion.getCurrentDocument().getFullName(); GlobalAction configuredDecision = pagesDecisions.get(conflictDocLocalName); // if there is a configured decision, use that one, otherwise use the default if (configuredDecision != null) { conflictQuestion.setGlobalAction(configuredDecision);'{}: Conflict resolved for document [{}] to the configured decision [{}]', logPrefix, conflictDocLocalName, configuredDecision); } else {'{}: Got conflict on UNEXPECTED PAGE [{}]', logPrefix, conflictDocLocalName); conflictQuestion.setGlobalAction(defaultDecision);'{}: Conflict resolved for document [{}] to the default decision [{}]', logPrefix, conflictDocLocalName, defaultDecision); // if there are no actual decisions configured, use the same decision always if (pagesDecisions.size() == 0) { conflictQuestion.setAlways(true);'{}: Setting always for default decision [{}]', logPrefix, defaultDecision); } } } /** * Handles a clean pages question during installation, according to the configured pages and spaces to keep. * * @param cleanQuestion * @param spacesToKeep * @param pagesToKeep * @param defaultDeleteDecision */ private void handleCleanPagesQuestion(CleanPagesQuestion cleanQuestion, List spacesToKeep, List pagesToKeep, String defaultDeleteDecision, String logPrefix) {'{}: Got cleanup pages question for pages [{}]', logPrefix, cleanQuestion.getPages()); // figure out if we need to overwrite everything with delete or not boolean overwriteWithDelete = 'DELETE'.equals(defaultDeleteDecision); // do something only if we have anything configured, otherwise the question will be resolved with the default response if ((spacesToKeep != null && spacesToKeep.size() > 0) || (pagesToKeep != null && pagesToKeep.size() > 0) || overwriteWithDelete) { // go through the pages, if they're configured to be kept, set false on delete // if they are not configured to be kept, use the overwriteWithDelete setting cleanQuestion.getPages().each({ pageToClean, shouldDelete -> if (spacesToKeep != null && spacesToKeep.contains(pageToClean.getLastSpaceReference().getName())) { cleanQuestion.getPages().put(pageToClean, false);'{}: Marking page [{}] to keep because in space [{}]', logPrefix, pageToClean, pageToClean.getLastSpaceReference().getName()); } else if(pagesToKeep != null && pagesToKeep.contains(pageToClean)) { cleanQuestion.getPages().put(pageToClean, false);'{}: Marking page [{}] to keep because in pages to keep', logPrefix, pageToClean); } else if (overwriteWithDelete) { cleanQuestion.getPages().put(pageToClean, true);'{}: Marking page [{}] to delete because delete is configured by default', logPrefix); } else {'{}: Keeping delete decision for page [{}] {}', logPrefix, pageToClean, ((shouldDelete) ? ' (delete)' : ' (keep)')); } });'{}: Final decisions for deletion, after configuration [{}]', logPrefix, cleanQuestion.getPages()); } else { // log and let it do what it wants'{}: No changes configured, submitting the following decisions [{}]', logPrefix, cleanQuestion.getPages()); } } public void finalizeDistributionWizard(String wikiname) { if (wikiname == null || wikiname.length() == 0) { logger.error('Wikiname empty'); return; } // Mark DW as started on the wiki logSetupStep(wikiname, 'distributionwizard', 'INPROGRESS'); // get the status on the wiki in question: WikiDistributionJob dwJob = this.distributionManager.getWikiJob(wikiname); DistributionJobStatus dwStatus = null; if (dwJob != null) { dwStatus = dwJob.getStatus();'Distribution wizard status on wiki [{}] is [{}]', wikiname, dwStatus.getState()); // sleep while DW is still on while (dwStatus.getState() != State.FINISHED) { if (dwStatus.getState() == State.WAITING) { // get the question and answer it def dwQuestion = dwStatus.getQuestion();'Distribution wizard on wiki [{}] is waiting on question [{}]', wikiname, dwQuestion); if (dwQuestion != null) { DistributionStep dwStep = dwQuestion.getStep();'Distribution wizard on wiki [{}] is waiting on step [{}]', wikiname, dwStep); // if it's the default distribution step, then continue it, we should have installed if (dwStep instanceof DefaultUIDistributionStep || dwStep instanceof ReportDistributionStep) { dwStep.setState(DistributionStep.State.COMPLETED);'Distribution wizard on wiki [{}] marked step [{}] as COMPLETED', wikiname, dwStep); } } } // answered the dw, continue dwStatus.answered(); // and sleep, wait for next one sleep(1000); } } else {'No Distribution Wizard job on wiki [{}]', wikiname); } // Closing up: mark DW as finished. logSetupStep(wikiname, 'distributionwizard', 'FINISHED'); } /** Allow to mark the status of a specific step */ public void logSetupStep(String wikiname, String setupStep, String newStatus) {'[{}] for wiki [{}] is [{}]', setupStep, wikiname, newStatus); } } //

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